gaming console interface

Interface Design & Usability

This course was about creating a user friendly gaming console interface. LANO is a gaming console interface with a very simple and minimalistic design created for a specific persona. We created an entire interface connected to a controller which could be used with any gaming console. The User experience was our main focus.

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conceptualizing and testing

While we were working on this interface we spent most of our time with the concept, the User's requirements and finally Wireframes. Our focus points were efficiency and intuitivity




what goes where

As a group of designers who never used a gaming console this was an interesting experience because we first of all had to understand what a frequent User of a gaming console wants and needs which is a challenge we will often face in the future.

find your way

After structuring all of the content we perfected the navigation through the interface to create the best possible User journey. The navigation was tested many times so it is intuitive and innovative.

style guide

Finally we created the design of the interface. It was kept in a simple grey and leaves space and room for the captivating images of the games.

created with the help of Laura Dworatschek and Lavinia Khalil

overlooked by Thomas Techert

during the 2nd semester at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd