Good night.

The problem

Young doctors and medical students who start their work in the hospital/ medical field are often overwhelmed. Dealing with patients for the first time while actually being responsible for their wellbeing can be mentally challenging. There are rarely options for them to speak about their patients, experiences and fears during work. So they tend to go home with lots on their minds which can disrupt a healthy work-life balance.

My approach

Through my personal life, I come into contact with many young doctors and medical students and hear about this struggle often. So I decided to create a notebook that can be filled in to reflect on the day and help to cope with the experiences of the day. 

The questions are designed to get the user thinking and to reflect openly:

Hey, how do I feel about this? Why do I feel this way?

By writing it down their mind feels lighter and more balanced.

It's a simple but truly effective concept.