Be well.

We noticed that we constantly use our Smartphones but rarely notice the effect they have on our mental health and overall wellbeing.

This project is a conceptual work to improve our digital wellbeing.


Do you use it frequently and if so, consciously?


We’re often being asked those questions and they sparked an idea in us to use the platform of the Invention Design course as a way to reinvent our Smartphone behaviour.

We first of all had to explain the issue and make the viewer aware of their Smartphone behaviour which is why we created the Redesign of the operating system and a campaign to go along with it.

Invention design

The broad idea of the course was to invent something and/ or use existing technologies in a new and unseen way. 


The concept of our project was based on innovating the challenges we face as a society caused by new technologies and the future they create for us.

iOS redesign

In order to visualize our ideas, we had to redesign an operating system, in this case, iOS. We simplified the screens and added several features that benefit the users digital wellbeing.

The campaign

After recreating the iOS User interface we decided to make a concept for a campaign that could attract exactly the Users who deal with unhealthy Smartphone behaviour. The campaign consists of the video "Be well." and several posters.

created with the help of Ferdinand Sorg and Joshua Bökle

overlooked by Prof. Jörg Beck and Dr. Prof. Ulrich Barnhöfer

during the 3rd semester at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd